"The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."

J. W. Tukey (1977)


  • Amazon Turk experiments With Mahbub Majumder, Heike Hofmann, Eric Hare, and several others we have been conducting experiments on inference for data graphics.



  • cranvas: Interactive and dynamic graphics in R, with Xie, Y., Cheng, X., Wickham H., Hofmann, H., Lawrence, M., Vendettuoli, M., Schloerke, B., Yin, T., Cook, D. and Swayne, D.
  • ggobi: software for exploratory graphical analysis of high-dimensional data, with Swayne, D., Temple~Lang, D., Cook, D., and Buja, A. (2001-), with Wickham, H., Lawrence, M. and Hofmann, H.
  • nullabor: Generate lineups and rorschach plots automatically. Updated to add metrics, with Wickham, H., Roy Chowdhury, N.
  • ggbio: Visualization of biological data, available on Bioconductor, with Yin, T., Lawrence, M.
  • tourr: Explore multivariate data using low dimensional projections, with Wickham, H.
  • tourrGUI: Provides a graphical user interface to the tourr package, with Huang, B., Wickham, H.
  • GGally: A variation on scatterplot matrices that recognizes different data types and plots them appropriately in the pairwise array, with Schloerke, B., Hofmann, H., Wickham, H., Crowley, J.

For Fun and Data Competitions

  • Election 2012 With Andee Kaplan, Eric Hare and Susan Vanderplas we monitored polls and spending leading up the the election.
  • Stimulus Funds Spending With Tengfei Yin, Marie Vendettuoli, Lari Mosley, David Rockoff, Mahbub Majumder, Xiaoyue Cheng, Xiang Wu, Justin Funk and Heike Hofmann we won the Sunlight Foundation competition to look at where and how the recovery act funds were spent.
  • Geozoo With Barret Schloerke while he was an undergraduate we worked on building a library of high-dimensional geometric shapes.
  • Election 2008 With the graphics working group we kept tabs on the polls leading up to the election. Was useful for helping to know what news items could be dismissed, and to see consistent pollster bias.
  • useR! 2007 The first ever north American useR! conference was held at Iowa State University in Ames.
  • Central America climate change, Data Expo 2006
  • Tech Boom and Bust, InfoVis Challenge 2005